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UCC searching and filing requests require an understanding of the needs of our clients, the management of the project for speed and precision, and the culmination insuring timely and accurate billing.

UCC Searching

UCC searching is more than placing an order with a correspondent. It is about understanding the needs and requirements of each individual client and communicating it to our nationwide network of agents. We can help:

  • Would you like name variations searched?
  • Do you have a copy cost limit?
  • Do you need a bring down search to cover a time gap for a delayed closing?
  • Would you like your billing to be separated by client/matter or reference number?
  • Do you require a spreadsheet of the project’s searches and results?
  • If you request a ‘search to reflect,’ we will be managing the through date to insure the search to reflect request picks up a newly filed financing statement.

UCC Filings

To insure perfection, a UCC financing statement must reflect accurate information. Filing requirements and statutory fees vary from state to state. But don’t worry, we review all UCC filings we receive and if you need additional help in the preparation process, try our eZFILE program. UCC eZFILE guides you through the preparation process and acts a s a repository for your prepared and filed UCC’s. Visit the UCC eZFILE (link to the eZFILE page) page for more information.

Don’t forget your UCC search to reflect. Post filing searches insure that your UCC filing was indexed properly with the jurisdiction. Ask us about our UCC filing and search to reflect packages.

UCC Related Lien Searches (Tax Lien, Pending Suit, Judgment & Bankruptcy Searches)

Often times, it is referred to as a ‘full search’ or a ‘lit-lien search.’  It is our job to help you navigate the idiosyncrasies of each state and local jurisdiction to  provide you with the information needed for your transaction. We know where these liens are indexed  throughout the U.S. and can deliver the results to you quickly and in a clear and concise report with evidence.

  • UCC fixture filing
  • Federal tax lien
  • State tax lien
  • Judgment lien
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • State Courts
  • Federal Courts

Mortgage Recordings

A search to encompass copies of recorded mortgages and deeds are often included in a financial transaction or closing. Our National network of correspondents are available to search and file for mortgages, assignments of mortgage and deeds. Contact us for more information.

Federal Intellectual Property Searches

Patents and trademarks are valuable assets for a business to use in secured transactions and other matters. When you need to verify the owner of a patent or trademark, we can help. Fill out the form below for assistance.

Our Expertise

Whether you are a small boutique law firm or a multinational corporation, our system flexibilities can manage your projects. Our national correspondent network insures we are current on all state and local requirements and turn-around-times. Our CSR’s possess decades of experience and knowledge and are here to assist you with your projects.

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