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No one likes housekeeping.

It’s an essential part of sustaining a healthy business. Maintaining up to date corporate records,  a positive entity status, and satisfying statutory requirements often times strain an already busy corporate secretary. Yet, the absence of performing these duties could lead to involuntary dissolutions and a significant amount of penalties and fees.

Global Subsidiary Management

With global regulatory requirements on the rise, a strong global corporate entity framework is more crucial than ever. But, due to rapid globalization and the always-shifting legislative landscape, the administration of legal corporate entities has become increasingly challenging and time-consuming. Continental Corporate Services global corporate entity management team have significant experience managing, seamlessly and cost-effectively, international corporate entity management programs on behalf of clients that have subsidiaries and branch offices around the world.

How do we do it?

Continental Corporate Services has adopted a centralized approach to corporate entity management programs. Our US based core team provides seamless delivery of services around the world. Supplementing the core team are local support staff in each relevant country, with the right level of experience to provide corporate entity management services with maximum efficiency.

Getting started is simple.

Efficient transition: A key objective in global corporate entity management is efficiency. From the migration of your existing global management structure, to the review of your global processes, to the inventory and organization of your current entities. Continental Corporate Services will work productively and flexibly to ensure a seamless, efficient process.

Annual compliance calendar: Central to any successful corporate entity management project is the annual compliance calendar. We will develop a calendar of corporate compliance requirements and deadlines for each relevant client entity. The compliance calendar would include, for example:

  • Drafting of annual board and shareholder minutes and attendance at board meetings, if required
  • Approval and filing of statutory accounts
  • Filing annual return with the corporate registrar or similar body

Communication is key: Communication is critical to successful global corporate entity management programs. As part of our process, Continental Corporate Services organizes compliance update calls to monitor the status of the compliance in each country and provide updates on both annual compliance and event driven changes.

We know you don’t like uncertainty, so we use a fixed-fee approach.

Visibility and control over statutory compliance budgets that come from fixed fee annual compliance pricing, well-defined scope and service-level agreements, and economies of scale from a single global provider.

We know we are different. Let us show you.

We believe you’ll see a number of benefits to working with Continental Corporate Services as your global corporate subsidiary management provider. Here’s a sample list:

  • Increased assurance over corporate data through our health-check process.
  • Visibility over global statutory compliance status and control over all changes to corporate data.
  • Single point of contact for all global subsidiary management services.
  • Central governance framework to monitor workflow status, provide for periodic review and resolve issues that may arise.
  • Transaction readiness so you can respond to opportunities at short notice and with correct data and supporting documents.

To learn more about subsidiary management and governance, contact us to speak with our Global Markets team.

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