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What is an annual report and why is it important?

Now that you have formed your business, you need to ensure that you remain complaint with each state’s statutory requirements. An annual report filing requires the entity to report on information specific to that entity, in that state, such as officers and directors, shares and shareholders, business address.

Failure to file an annual report can result in the state involuntarily dissolving your entity or suspending it for not submitting a timely annual report. Fees can be expensive.

I do not know how to file an annual report.

Over the years, clients have come to us with just that dilemma! Our Annual Report Management Service provides timely and accurate annual report filing in all 50 states. Failure to complete and file an annual or biennial report can result in heavy fees, and possible involuntary dissolution or suspension. Let us manage this for you and never worry about missing an annual report again.

Compliance becomes simple.

Let us be your compliance resource.

  • An audit will be performed on your entities to verify corporate status and annual report dues dates. This status check will occur on an annual basis.
  • After some simple and easy account creation, you will be on your way to full compliance.
  • Monitoring and management of due dates and data are all captured in our system to insure accuracy and timely filing.
  • We will calendar your entities to insure compliance and forward fees on your behalf.

Ask us how you can rest easy and keep your entities active and in good standing with Annual Report Management Services.

Looking for something more?

Take a look at our Entity Manager and request a demo. We work with you to improve productivity and reduce risk.

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