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Trusted Experience is the Independent Director/Manager Difference

When you have a closing, we will be ready for you with an Independent Director or Manager. These are also known as Springing or Special Members for Special Purpose Entities. Our trained and experienced Independent Director/Managers understand the nature of your transaction.

In certain transactions, financial institutions may require an outside or Independent Director/Manager to be added to your board of directors. When an independent director or independent manager is required, a knowledgeable and seasoned individual with firsthand involvement is crucial. An experienced Independent Director/Manager must be familiar and knowledgeable with the fiduciary duties of an insolvent company, or one entering the zone of insolvency.

Our Independent Director/Manager clients receive benefit from industry expert insights, shaped and powered by hard-earned, in-the trenches experience.

We can help.

Should the need arise for an Independent Director/Manager, contact us and we will work with you on the perfect fit for your project. Speak with an Independent Director/Manager specialist to learn more.

Welcome to a better service experience.

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