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How Well Do You Work With Your Service Provider?

How well do you work with your service provider?

Welcome to a better Service Experience.

This is more than a tag line to us. We believe that the experience is what differentiates one service company from another. Why are some of the largest law firms, corporations and financial institutions switching to Continental Corporate Services? Because the welcoming experience is missing from their current service provider.

People, Process and Technology

Continental Corporate Service, Inc. “CCS” provides Corporate, UCC and Registered Agent services both in the U.S. and abroad. Our range of services encompasses UCC and lien related services for financial institutions and real estate companies, global corporate services for law firms and major corporations, and compliance services for small business entities as well as the Fortune 500. We are ever expanding to meet the needs of the clients we serve.

Many of our clients find that the most value-added service provided by CCS is our single point of contact team. The team dynamic consists of a senior client specialist, who will be your primary contact at CCS. We partner them with a support specialist to help manage the projects and function as an alternative contact for you should the primary contact be unavailable. This is coupled with a client account manager; whose role is to function as an escalation point and to ensure that the overall service that we provide is meeting your expectations.

It takes more than fancy technology to manage our clients’ transactions and stringent closing needs. Our Entity Manager and UCC eZFILE® products complement our experienced service teams. Our technology solutions improve productivity while reducing overall risk for corporate compliance and UCC monitoring.

Collaboration and Partnership

When you are busy and manage multiple transactions and closings, you need someone who is there to help. At Continental Corporate Services, we do not believe in making our clients exert in order to collaborate with us. We don’t expect our clients to do our report formatting, manage the billing or worry about ensuring the project is completed on time. We believe in commitment and collaboration providing services in all 50 states in addition to our global network.

We are more than a service company.

We are global, and we welcome you to a better service experience. Contact us to learn more.


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