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What does the corporate legal department do? What are they responsible for?

At Continental Corporate Services we know exactly what you do, and we have built solutions for all levels of corporate legal departments.

Annual Report Management

Whether you have 5, 75, or 450 entities to manage, we have a process and program for you. Our Entity Manager  is an intuitive and interactive program to increase your productivity and reduce risk.

Subsidiary Management and Governance

A significant function of the corporate secretary is compliance, managing regulatory requirements and keeping all entities active and healthy. Our Global Subsidiary Management tools provide a centralized approach to management programs. Here you will enjoy increased assurance through our health check process, visibility over global statutory compliance and a single point of contact for all global subsidiary management services.

Public Records expertise

We know public records. Our national and international network of agents and correspondents reside in these countries, states and localities insuring current working knowledge of each jurisdiction.

Need to dissolve or merge an entity? Not a problem.

Your lender calls and needs Good Standing certificates on all active entities? You got it!

Making an acquisition and working with outside counsel on the transaction?  We can get UCC, Tax Liens, Judgment and Pending Suit searches done and evidence results charts ready for your closing.

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