Corporate Filing Services
Corporate Document & Information Retrieval
Name Services
Uniform Commercial Code
      UCC eZFILE®
Legalization & Authentications
Registered Agent Services/Independent Director Services/Special Purpose Entities Services
Precedent Materials
Corporate Statutes

Corporate Filing Services
With a track record of successfully handling five of the largest leveraged buyout transactions on record, our expert team of Corporate Specialists will coordinate the filing of all documents as listed below:
  • Entity formation/Qualification
  • Amendments & Reinstatements
  • Special Purpose Entity Formations
  • Dissolution/Cancellation/Withdrawal
  • Merger Filings/Post Merger Filings
  • Assumed Name Filings
  • Annual Reports
  • Publications
  • County Filings/Recordings
  • International Filings
Corporate Document & Information Retrieval
CCS will efficiently respond to your specific needs and coordinate the delivery of document and information retrieval from all jurisdictions as required.
  • Good Standing Certificates
  • Verbal Good Standing with Bring down letter
  • Certified Copies
  • Tax Certificates & Letters
  • 50 State Information Check
Name Services
Our Corporate Specialists will provide all name services as required.
  • Name Availability
  • Name Reservation
  • Name Registration
Uniform Commercial Code
CCS offers extensive expertise and support in searching and filing Uniform Commercial Code documents at the State and County levels nationwide.
  • UCC Searches
    • UCC tax lien
    • Federal tax lien
    • State tax lien
    • Judgment lien
    • Litigation
    • Bankruptcy
    • State Courts
    • Federal Courts
  • UCC Filings
  • UCC eZFILE® (UCC online preparation and tracking—login and password required)
  • UCC Post Filing Searches
Legalization & Authentications
In addition to handling these filings, our expert Corporate Specialists will advise you in determining which steps are required to complete the Authentication/Legalization/Apostille process.
  • Hague Apostilles
  • Secretary of State
  • County Certification
  • U.S. Department of State
  • Embassy/Consulate
Registered Agent Services/Independent Director Services/Special Purpose Entities Services
CCS provides Registered Agent/Independent Director/Special Purpose Entities Services through its partnership with National Registered Agents, Inc. NRAI has a professional registered agent network in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  The network consists of attorneys and professional service companies experienced in handling Service of Process.  The registered agent network utilizes NRAI’s proprietary Service of Process system which logs, maintains and tracks all SOP deliveries and history.  As each client has different service of process requirements, NRAI follows the specific instructions you provide.  Whether you require a telephone call detailing the nature of the pleading, an email upon receipt or scanned service of the pleadings for immediate review, NRAI can provide your organization with quality and timely service of process service.
  • Nationwide Registered Agent
  • Telephone notification on every Service of Process
  • Free Delivery of Service of Process by express courier
  • Computerized tracking of Service of Process
  • Email notification of Service of Process
  • Tax Calendar
  • Representation under Private Agreements
  • Special Representation under Federal and State Statutes
  • International Representation in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, all Canadian Provinces and Territories, and many other foreign countries
  • Special Purpose Entities
  • Independent Director/Manager Services
Precedent Materials
CCS has access to precedent materials required to perform a wide range of statutory transactions nationwide.
  • Document Library
  • Outline Summaries
  • Research Center
  • Corporate Kit
Corporate Statutes
Click here to view Corporate Statutes listed by state.


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