Continental Corporate Services, Inc.
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Nutley, New Jersey 07110
Toll Free: 800.300.5067
Phone: 973.542.0300
Fax: 973.542.0313

530 Seventh Ave., Suite 909
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212-213-0208


The history of Continental Corporate Services dates back to 1929 with its sister company, Wasmund Bindery, a provider of binding and reproduction services to the country’s top law firms.

It was from Wasmund Bindery’s relationship with these top law firms that Continental Corporate Services was born. While working to bind legal documents for corporate transactions, the team at Wasmund Bindery listened to their clients and discovered a recurring theme: there was an overwhelming need for a service-oriented corporate services company in order to provide expedited, accurate legal document services for corporate transactions.

As a result of this growing need and with input from some of the country’s top law firms, Continental Corporate Services emerged in 1997. CCS was modeled and built from the ground up based on these top law firms’ criteria for the ideal corporate services company.

Led by a customized business model and a deeply entrepreneurial spirit, Continental Corporate Services quickly became an industry leading corporate services company. Today, CCS is a worldwide provider of corporate document and legal filing services and can handle any corporate transaction with ease. Specializing in large transactions, the experienced staff at Continental Corporate Services has handled five of the largest leveraged buyout transactions on record.

CCS offers a full range of corporate document services. With its unique history of serving the legal community for decades, Continental Corporate Services truly is a rarity in the corporate document services industry.

Expertise you can trust. That’s the CCS Difference.

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